In addition to the “Airport to airport product Ainautic can, on behalf  of the forwarding company, arrange collection at the premises in Switzerland or other points of origin in Europe and assist in making the shipment “Ready for Carriage”* at the departure airport.

The documents are issued by the forwarding company.


Airnautic can also arrange delivery direct to the domicile of the consignee.

Please note that customs clearance must be handled by the consignee’s broker.

This added value solution is suitable for large shipments mainly to the USA and Canada.

The destination “DOOR” can be either the ultimate consignee or the forwarding company’s terminal.

Depending on the type and size of shipment, this service is also available to Hong Kong.




*Ready for Carriage:

Shipment is defined as “Ready for carriage” once it has been properly packed, labelled, documented, export-cleared, secured and, if necessary, DGR-checked.