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AIRNAUTIC AG is a company with over 65 years of experience in the GSSA sector and has set itself the goal of offering the best air freight solutions for our customers/clients/partners.

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About us

Airnautic AG the pioneer in Air Cargo GSSA

Established in 1958, Airnautic AG entered the realm of Air Cargo GSSA with a vision set forth by its founder, Léon Meier, and was duly registered with the Commercial Register of Basel. It stood as one of the pioneering GSSAs globally, laying the cornerstone for a tradition of excellence that endures to this day. From its inception, Airnautic AG forged a path of trust, earning recognition as a certified IATA GSSA and cultivating a robust network that spans the industry. As a family-owned enterprise, Airnautic AG embodies a legacy of dedication and innovation. Initially venturing into seafreight services and passenger ticketing, our focus has evolved exclusively towards cargo operations. This specialization allows us to deliver prompt, reliable, and tailored services to our clientele, comprising airlines and freight-forwarders alike. Our ethos revolves around consistency and transparency, bolstered by a resolute "can-do" spirit and a penchant for unconventional problem-solving.

Equipped with comprehensive training in sales and air cargo expertise, our team members seamlessly integrate into our unique sales force, delivering exceptional value to our operations. Today, our management team, including the CEO, COO, CFO, and managers, maintains daily interactions with customers and partners across the industry. With strategically located offices at the international airports of Basel (BSL), Geneva (GVA), and Zurich (ZRH), we are geographically aligned with our customers' needs, ensuring accessibility and efficiency. What truly distinguishes Airnautic AG is not only our professional expertise but also the dedication, experience, motivation, and approachability of our staff. Their unwavering commitment contributes to our reputation as a trusted partner in the air cargo sector. In essence, since our humble beginnings, Airnautic AG has evolved into a cornerstone of the aviation industry, guided by principles of integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity.

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Zurich Office

Airnautic AG
8058 Zurich Airport

Basel Office

Airnautic AG
4030 Basel Airport

Geneva Office

Airnautic AG
1211 Geneva 5

Side by side with our customers


Honesty, authenticity, credibility, trustworthy, reliable


We represent, respect and protect the values of our partners/customers in relation to the forwarding industry


We are committed to a transparent and trusting relationship, proactive behavior, sales discussions/calls, business meetings and all kind of customer-specific activities/preferences


We adhere to the following values: honesty, integrity, safety, respect, vision + passion, accountability, customer focus, ethics, teamwork, transparency, communication and empowerment through ownership


A breakdown of what we do

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Cargo GSSA

General Sales & Service Agents - GSSAs - provide a valuable service that enables airlines to achieve a cost-effective presence in markets where it may be uneconomical for an airline to maintain its own

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Cargo Charter

If you need to move your cargo quickly and safely by air, freight chartering is the perfect solution for your transportation needs.

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Special Cargo Handling

Applied to special goods for which, supervision, stowage, monitoring and careful control/inspection is required.

We offer our services exclusively to the freight forwarding industry (we act as a neutral, independent business partner, this is our only business area)

Sales Operation Revenue Management Capacity Management Road Feeder Service On site supervision Enhanced IT Solutions Billing CASS Reports Customer Reports RFQs/Tenders Market Analysis

How It works

About GSSA

General Sales & Service Agents - GSSAs - provide a valuable service that enables airlines to achieve a cost-effective presence in markets where it may be uneconomical for an airline to maintain its own sales and operations staff and premises and fully represent/promote the airline in the market.


Freight Forwarder

General Sales Agent