On 21st February 1958 Airnautic AG was incorporated with the Commercial Register of Basel by its founder Léon Meier.

Since the very beginning we have built up a strong network of trust, developing our reputation as a certified IATA GSSA. We operate as a wholesaler, a transportation consultant, an air charter broker and a neutral representative for airlines companies.

Today we serve several of the leading international and regional airlines. Thanks to our expansive reach in the market and the dedication of our staff we are able to offer the best solutions for our clients.

Airnautic is _THE Aircargo Sales Company_ in Switzerland!

Our clients, both airlines and freight-forwarders, know that we offer a prompt, reliable and above all a fully customised service. 

We believe in the value of working in a consistent way and with complete transparency. We find solutions thanks to our “can-do” attitude and ability to think “outside of the box”.

All our team members are trained to an excellent standard in sales and air cargo know-how which enables them to become a highly-valued part of our unique sales force.

What gives added value to our offices in Basel, Geneva and Zurich is our loyal, experienced, motivated, knowledgeable and, last but not least, friendly and approachable staff.